Twitter Mastery Private Workshop


Twitter Mastery Private Workshop


Ready to tap into the power of Twitter to get more leads and sales?

I reach over 500,000 people every 10 days using Twitter.

I get a consistent flow of traffic to my blog, subscribers to my email list. And most important of all, leads.

This is achieved in only 10 minutes per day!

Seriously, 10 minutes. Using a simple workflow that I have crafted and refined.

Learn the strategies and tactics I use to get a constant stream of leads and sales in your business. Get your brand seen and increase your exposure. 

Learn how to get leads and sales via Twitter.

The workshop is delivered via live one-on-one virtual training (or in person by arrangement).

You will learn:

  • Goals and objectives - How to measure your success.
  • Your Profile - Setting up your profile the right way.
  • Twitter 101 - The basics of tweeting, re-tweeting, liking, hashtags, @mentions, lists, etc.
  • Posting Strategy - The right mindset for results.
  • Content & Scheduling - What to say and when to say it.
  • Followers - Learn effective ways to skyrocket your following.
  • Engagement - Learn simple workflows to turbocharge your Twitter engagement.
  • The 10-Minute Daily Routine - I share with you the exact 10-Minute routine that I use. Use the same steps to generate a consistent flow of leads and sales for your business.
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Client Success Stories

I like to let results speak for themselves...


Tom 10x his Twitter following in less than 1 week.

 Tom Barber, Spicule
I have enjoyed working with Colin very much, although I have used various social media tools for years I have never known how to leverage them effectively, Colin has given me the tips and know-how to help me leverage my brand on social media.
— Tom Barber, IT Consultant


Ken's following grew by 166% in just a few days.

My twitter following has increased by 166% in less than one week after just one coaching session.

I haven’t even fully rolled out all the techniques you showed me yet and already my impressions, followers, likes and retweets have skyrocketed.

Your skilled coaching has opened my eyes to how I can use social media to market and promote my business and I am now understanding how this keys into getting leads and sales. I just couldn’t see it before.

The knowledge, techniques and tips I gained from you in a single coaching session would have taken me years to find and implement myself. Actually, that’s not true, I would never have found this level of information by myself.

Thank you so much, I am grateful.
— Kenneth V Kelly,
 Kenneth Kelly,

 Bridgette Barrett PhD, RSV Caribbean Volunteers
The results from the twitter strategy session have been phenomenal. The following results were achieved within a month:

• A more structured and focused approach to utilizing twitter as an effective social media tool.

• Properly branded page with more appeal and greater clarity in terms of the type of audience that we need to attract.

• Increase twitter following from relevant individuals and companies by 90%.

• A greater appreciation for the industry in which we operate in terms of the key areas to follow. This has led to 73 prospects.

• Better planning and scheduling of posts using the right hashtags to get the type of recognition needed.

• The strategy has really helped our company to use twitter more effectively. We better understand how to use twitter as an effective tool and the following, likes, mentions have all improved.

I would highly recommend that individuals and companies utilize this twitter strategy session - it is practical and you will see results.
— Bridgette B. Barrett, Ph.D., RSVP Caribbean Volunteers