Done For You Digital Marketing Plan


Done For You Digital Marketing Plan


What would it be worth to your business if we could more than double the number of inquiries your website brought in each month? If you could convert leads into sales more frequently, or if existing customers spent more money with you, these are exactly the kind of results clients see after their investment in a solid, results-driven marketing plan that not only gives you clarity, it contains a bespoke blueprint for taking your business to the next level.

Step 1 - Situational Analysis

Together we complete situation, competitor, and customer analyses to refine key target segments and marketing activity/customer journey audit. Identifying your target market and defining your USP and brand positioning.

Step 2 - Objective/Goal Setting

We collaborate to set SMART Objectives/goals for your digital marketing and clarify the strategies required to achieve these. 

Step 3 - Create Marketing Plan Document

Blueprint of marketing activity is created in an actionable marketing plan document, covering the whole spectrum of the digital marketing mix, tailored specifically for your business.

  • Target customer clearly defined
  • USP and brand positioning
  • Social media strategy and tactics
  • Content marketing plan
  • Marketing automation design and build
  • Leads and sales funnel design and build
  • Email campaigns and sequences created

Step 4 - Implement & Enjoy The Results

Detailed timings, resources, and step-by-step implementation instructions are provided ready for you to apply straight away in your business.

You can then check-in with me for milestone checks using one of my Marketing Booster sessions monthly/quarterly to make sure everything is on track.

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Through his clever marketing and communication ideas our clients are instantly hooked and want what we offer! We are seeing more bookings and enquiries than ever.
— Peter and Philip, VLK, Greece
I had to take on more drivers to cope with the additional demand for our services after working with Colin. What more can I say! Wish I’d done it sooner.
— E Kelly, MD Lymmited Taxis, UK