Top Tips for Creating a Tagline That Really Works

As a new business, there are probably a few things top of mind when thinking about your marketing plan.

Taglines are certainly something that many budding entrepreneurs consider of as an essential. In actual fact, a common opinion in marketing circles is that taglines, straplines, slogans, whatever you’d like to call it, are a dated concept.


Because they were originally used to condense long copy back in the days of article-length paper adverts. There was a need to sum up the message in a catchy way. 

These days, most advertising and marketing is short and sweet, as we’ve adapted to new media channels. Just think of twitter for example. Imagine posting a tagline after every brand message on there.

You’d be in a continual word-limit nightmare. But, this doesn’t mean that you should forget about them altogether. 


What is a tagline?

We need to find a happy medium between some marketing guru’s advice to cut the tagline completely, and your potential desire to have one, just “because you should”.

The practical, logical purpose for taglines does still exist, in certain scenarios. It’s more a case of first understanding how to use them, and then discovering whether it would benefit your business.

In brief, taglines can do the following:

  1. Communicate new or revamped brand messages 
  2. Increase brand recall by getting a point across in a catchy or memorable way
  3. Differentiate your business from your competitors in a busy market 

We don’t need to emphasise the fact that every point here is valuable to a start-up. So, you need to get one quick smart, right? Well, hold on there! Not necessarily.

As with most things in business, it’s better to do things right, than quick. 


Time for a tagline?

As a new business, chances are a well-written tagline could add real value to your marketing communications. But it’s not just as simple as jotting one down and launching your company off the back of it. Or perhaps even getting a marketer or the average copywriter to pen one for you. 

Copywriting’s godfathers, men like David Ogilvy for instance, spent more time writing headlines than anything else.

Why? Because with extensive research, they discovered that this was by far the most important element to a campaign, and the most likely to evoke a positive response when done right of course.

In a very simplified nutshell, what we’ve learned from this, and ongoing research based on modern media is this:

  1. You need to be specific. The best starting place is to think about your mission statement. In short, your tagline needs to sum up your company values to do something extra special.
  2. It’s important to get creative. You have to capture people’s attention in a noisy marketplace. To do this, you’ll need the best person for the job. An experienced creative or concept copywriter will know how to sum up your values succinctly, and cleverly. 
  3. You must use it. There’s no point paying for a writer to come up with your brand new company strapline, only to abandon it. If you get the right result, you’ll feel confident adding it to a full range of marketing communications. 


Where to start

You may have got the hint that we think a properly trained copywriter is the best place to shop for your new, unforgettable, packs-a-punch tagline. That in itself can be a little off-putting. For a start, how do you find such an elusive creature? A writer’s a writer, right?  

In actual fact, although many marketing experts and copywriters can help you pull something together, you’ll find that it’s not everyone’s forte. It’s a specific talent, and one that’s honed through plenty of experience and real-world feedback.

To start, work out a completely clear version of your mission statement with your marketing expert. Together, you may even jot down some ideas for potential slogans at this stage. If you have some initial ideas, great.

Speak to a specialist creative copywriter about those thoughts, or send over your mission statement and company values for them to come up with something from scratch. 

A good marketer will be able to put you in touch with the best-qualified writer with no fuss. That way, you’ll be confident that the end result will make you stand out for all the right reasons.