How To Create Lists In Twitter Using

Lists are a great way of filtering out the 'noise' on Twitter, unfortunately, they can be quite tedious and time-consuming to create.

I have created a quick video that shows you how to use the website to create lists in Twitter automatically and for free, how cool is that!

What will you do with the lists when you have them?

Well, quite a few things, they can be used as sources of content, for example, I have created a #MarketingStrategy list that automatically populates when people tweet with that hashtag. I regularly go into the list and always find lots of interesting posts about Marketing Strategy that I can then re-tweet and/or schedule into my automatic posting calendar, awesome.

But as the great Bugs Bunny used to say, t-t-t-that's not all folks, because lists are also a great way to find and connect with other like-minded individuals who are tweeting about something that you are interested in.

My example was marketing related but you can substitute in topics that are relevant/interesting/useful to you.

Also, every time you add someone to your list they get notified and that notification can sometimes prompt engagement from them too, bonus. Enjoy...