Build Your Own Website in Less Than 5 Minutes

It's not just a flashy headline I do show you how to build an actual website that looks stylish and is responsive in less than 5 minutes in this video.

Now there is no substitute for proper website planning in order to achieve your business goals, but let's face it, not everyone has £1k+ to throw into website development, especially if your business is just starting out (believe me, I know this, I started my online business with nothing and grew it organically with zero resources).

Now here's the disclaimer, there are many important aspects to website design including search optimisation (ranking in Google), conversion (how well your site converts visitors into performing an action) and a tonne of other stuff that I normally go through with clients, and of course they should not be ignored, but if you are just starting out and need to get something live quickly and cheaply, then follow the steps in this video to set you on your way.

Tweet to me @TheLogicalFox when you have your site up and running, I'd love to see what you create!